Average Cost to Roughcast a House in Glasgow

Homeowners Guide to: Roughcast

Average cost to Roughcast a house in Glasgow and what to expect for your money

Roughcast also known as pebbledash or harling, is a coarse exterior wall coating created using a wet cement like mixture, applied to brick or blockwork then topped with stone chips, pebbles or in the past even glass or sea shells.

Smooth or “scratch” plaster like renders are also very popular and can be done by most roughcasting companies.

Today, it is still a very popular method of finishing the exterior of a home or property as it is;

  • Cost Effective
  • Adds a protective layer to the brickwork
  • Can have Insulating benefits
  • Variety of modern/in fashion styles and colours
  • Dramatically changes the look of your home, Huge “Kerb Appeal”

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So what should it cost to roughcast a house?

The average Cost to Roughcast a House in Glasgow 2022 can vary depending on style and size of property but average order values tend to be between £3000 – £9750. Below I’ll break it down it to average property sizes.

Average cost to roughcast a full house are as follows;

  • Mid terrace (front and back) between £3000 – £5200
  • End terrace (front, back and gable end) between £ 5850 – £7150
  • Fully Detached (all 4 sides) between £7500 – £9750

What does this price include?

Our price includes a free consultation where we will measure up, show you some samples and leave you with a quote. It covers the cost of the scaffolding where required, the materials and all labour.

We also ensure a professional clean up is carried out when the work is completed as well as any waste removal which is also included in the cost.

Lifetime Improvement Group also issue our customers with a 10 year guarantee on all workmanship and materials used but this might vary from company to company so make sure you check first.

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How long does it take to roughcast a house?

It shouldn’t take any longer then 3 dry days to roughcast an average 3 Bedroom semi detached house. For smaller mid terraced homes a team of experienced roughcasters can manage this in two days, weather dependant. Examples of Different Roughcast Styles

Do different styles of roughcast cost more?

At the Lifetime Improvement Group we don’t charge extra for premium roughcast renders versus cheaper options, we try keep our prices at competitive as possible however it is likely that other companies may charge extra.

Examples of Roughcast and Render

Check out Enewall for more examples of styles and colours.

As usual we hope you have found our article on the average cost to roughcast a house in Glasgow helpful and informative when researching your specific home improvement project.

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