Can I put solar panels on my roof? A Guide to: PV Solar Panels

“Can I put solar panels on my roof?” Is the most common question we are asked by clients who are just beginning to research solar panels and if solar panels are the right fit for them.

In this article we will cover this question and a few other important ones that you might have when considering investing in solar panels.

So can you put solar panels on your roof? Lets start off with that question first.

The answer is, most people can but there a few things to check first which I will outline below then answer separately.

  • Does your roof face the right direction to benefit from maximum sun/daylight?
  • Is your roof strong enough to hold the panels?
  • Can I afford the upfront cost?
  • Do I need planning permission?

Is my roof suitable for PV Solar Panels?

First of all, the direction your roof faces will have a massive impact on whether or not you will get the full benefit of the panels.

Light from the sun comes from a southernly direction so unless a good-sized area of your roof is facing the south you will not benefit as much as a roof that faces south and soaks up energy from the sun all day long.

Now that doesn’t mean if your roof is facing slightly east or west they won’t work because that’s not true. PV Solar Panels generate electricity from daylight not just direct sunlight so if your roof isn’t completely south facing don’t worry they will still catch plenty daylight and will work just fine.

The good thing is you can check this for yourself, The easiest way is to simply stand outside and look at where the sun is coming from and see how much of the roof is getting the daylight.

If the majority of your roof is in the shade for most of the day then it’s a good indicator that putting PV Solar panels on your roof maybe isn’t going to be worth the investment after all.

Is my roof strong enough to hold Solar Panels?

Despite what you may think solar panels are actually not that heavy, put it this way they can carried up a ladder by one man, normally between 15-18kg. However making sure they are fixed on correctly and safely is so important.

If your roof is old, tiles are slipping or loose it might be worthwhile having your roof checked first. Not often does it happen but occasionally the installers will tell us that a roof is not suitable due to age and condition.

Remember solar panels will last for 30 years plus and if you need to take them off to replace your roof which is likely needing replaced in the next few years it will cost you extra money to take off the panels and put back on which most roofers cannot do as they are not qualified.

How affordable are they?

PV Solar Panels have never been more affordable than they have been in the last few years. However, what’s affordable to one household may not be affordable to another so its important that you understand that after the initial upfront cost it may take several years to break even on your investment. BUT electricity prices have never been higher than they are now so it will take you a less time to recoup the initial cost in terms of savings than it did just a few months ago.

solar panels cost

Do I need planning permission?

The answer is usually not! Unless you live in a conservation area or a listed building, where we recommend you should phone the local council and check before making any arrangements.

As usual we hope you have found our article helpful and informative when researching your specific home improvement project.

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