Get Garden Ready 2022 Guide to: Best Garden Rooms Glasgow

Whether it’s a new home office, a hut for your hot tub or a bespoke garden room this guide includes the basics that will help you Get Garden Ready for Summer 2022 a Guide to: Best Garden Rooms Glasgow.

What is a Garden Room?

You’ve probably heard of sun rooms or summer houses before, well garden rooms are just a modern take on these popular garden structures. They come in many shapes, sizes, styles and depending on your needs, can vary greatly. They are mostly made of a timber or metal frame, cladded with either wood, PVC or composite materials. Garden rooms can be fitted with French, sliding, Bi-folding or even standard doors.

Often with large windows or floor to ceiling glass to let in plenty of light or that warm summer air (even if its only for a few days in Scotland) to make us feel like we are in fact sitting in the garden rather than in the house. Most Garden Rooms are insulated and can be enjoyed all year round and are an excellent cost-effective way of creating extra living space.

Do I need planning permission to build a garden room in Scotland?

The answer is probably not! But depending on the size of your garden, where you plan to build it and the size of the structure its always best to check first. At the end of the article I’ll post a link to the permitted development section of the website where you can read more about permission if your not sure.

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What does a garden room cost?

Here comes my favorite phrase again but it depends! Size and specification are everything when it comes to pricing for these, to get a rough idea our prices start around £7500 for a more basic structure up to around £28,000. For a much higher specification bespoke installation, with the most popular Garden Rooms selling for in the region of £12,000.

A DIY kit may cost you between £3000-£10,000, don’t be fooled into buying by mass produced kits from online retailers offering kits for a £1000 then act surprised when its blown away along with the green bin in a 70mph Wind, remember you live in Cambuslang not California.

 So If you want something that’s good value for money, that will stand up to the local weather and be around for many summers to come, check out my guide to: Best Garden Rooms Glasgow.

Best Garden Rooms Glasgow & where to find them:

As a busy multi-product home improvement company, our team at the Lifetime Improvement Group often must pass up the opportunity to take on more clients, with that in mind we like to think we never shy away from giving customers complete honesty in respect to our competitors. So here’s our top 3….

  1. In first place we have… P&B Joinery Ltd Glasgow – A small locally based company offering amazing customer service, outstanding workmanship at an affordable price makes P&B Joinery in very high demand. Prices range from £5000 – £25,000

Our Rating: 5 Stars.

2 .Our Second choice is Mackie – Luxury Garden Rooms – A family run business with an eye for detail, great reviews and a luxury offering. Prices in 2019 started around £7000 up to £33600, these prices have likely to have increased since then but are hopefully still affordable.

Our Rating: 5 Stars

3.  Third on our list is Outside In Garden Rooms… Besides a clever name this is another family run business that has fantastic reviews, covers most of central Scotland and beyond and makes some stunning garden rooms but some might find them a little on the expensive side but without a doubt a quality product. Prices look to start around £14,000 for a basic garden room and stretch to around £35,000

Our Rating : 5 Stars

As always we hope you have found this article helpful, thanks for reading! From the Lifetime Improvement Group.


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