Window Refurbishment Glasgow

A Guide to: Window Refurbishment

Window refurbishment Glasgow is service we are providing as part of our offerings here at the Lifetime Improvement Group. We recognise that not everyone has the budget to replace their windows or for that matter even needs to replace their windows when instead a simple refurbishment would do just the trick.

So Window Refurbishment Glasgow was created to help homeowners that simply want to upgrade the look and the integrity of their windows externally.

Why would you change perfectly good windows when there’s no need to?

Quality windows should last anywhere from 15 – 35 years or even longer! But the material around the windows will start wear out first.

The frames might begin to look tired or discoloured, the silicon work might be old, flaking and need re done.

Traditionally when homeowners want to change their windows there is nothing wrong with the glass at all, yet companies will still charge you to replace the full unit. We see this as a waste. A waste of materials and a waste of your hard earned money, but what if there was a way you could…

What can you expect?

1. Refurbish your frames and renew the silicon work

2. Change the colour completely to a colour of your choice

3. Do it for a fraction of the cost

4.  With Doors that can be done to match

How Does Window Refurbishment Work?

Modern problems require modern solutions, so by using specialist coating equipment and stripping and preparation techniques we can completely transform your old, tired looking window frames back to their best but for a fraction of the cost. I will also write a separate article on the process itself and provide a link below.

As well as being an affordable option it’s a more eco friendly solution to swapping out your old windows as it reduces waste, with a whopping 32% of all landfill waste coming from the construction sector alone.

As usual we hope you have found our article helpful and informative when researching your specific home improvement project.

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