Top 5 Ways to Save Money & Make your Home More Energy Efficient in 2022

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Finding ways to save money and make your home more energy efficient is among the top concerns of all homeowners in the UK. A whopping 96% of Homeowners in 2019 were concerned about their household energy efficiency so that’s why we are proud to give you our Top 5 Ways to Save Money & Make your Home More Energy Efficient in 2022.

Fast forward to March 2022 with the recent news of an estimated 50% energy price cap increase with an estimated 40-50% potential increase again in October.

I now believe the percentage of concerned homeowners is probably closer to 100% and probably why you are reading this.

Things have changed so quickly these last few years and when it comes to change you can either participate or react to the change and from experience reacting to change tends to be stressful and more expensive in the long run whereas getting in front of a big change means you are in control.

In this article we will explain 5 ways that any homeowner can make their home more efficient and ultimately save money while reducing your carbon footprint because whether we like it or not we all need to make changes its not a matter of if it’s a matter of when.

However, the purpose of this article is not to lecture anyone on the importance of saving the planet it’s about SAVING YOU MONEY! So let’s get to it!

energy saving lightbulbs are one of the best way to save money at home

STEP 1. Make Small Changes to Save Money

The best way to start making your home more energy efficient and the key to saving money lies in making small changes first.

Most people say they want to save money but when it really comes down to it they aren’t prepared to make the changes. I’m just as guilty, very recently I gave up my daily Starbucks coffee and bought a small coffee machine for the office easily saving me hundreds of pounds a year. Small changes can make a big difference.

So on that note our first recommendation is ENERGY SAVING LIGHTBULBS. You might overlook this or shrug it off as its not a new or never-heard-of-before idea but trust me! Energy Saving LED Bulbs use 70-80% less electricity than traditional bulbs and last 10 times longer!

If your serious about saving money this is one of the easiest and most affordable steps to take.

the best way to save money is with solar

STEP 2. Save Money with Solar Panels

This step, in our opinion, is probably one of the most serious but also most effective changes you can make to save money on your electricity bills and make your home more efficient.

Why do people buy their homes instead of renting? Easy, To build equity, to have ownership and its cheaper. Owning your own energy is no different, why constantly rent your energy from your supplier when you can own and generate your own?

PV Solar Panels have never been more affordable than they have been these last few years and the price of electricity is skyrocketing. According to Martin Lewis, the Money, we are likely to see another energy price increase of the same severity in October this year.

If generating your own electricity is something you have been considering now is the time to sit down, do the math and see how installing a solar system can benefit you.

You will have noticed more and more homes with solar on their roof but these neighbours didn’t win the lottery overnight, it has become a seriously affordable way of reducing energy costs.

When doing this for yourself its important to know that there will be two separate charges on your electricity bill your standing charge and the cost per unit. By installing a solar panel system this will not affect your standing charge.

What is a standing charge?

The standing charge on your electricity bill is simply a fixed daily fee set by the energy provider regardless of how much energy you use.

Almost like a membership fee paying the provider to ensure you always have electricity as and when you need it. The usage part of your bill is then calculated by how much you use multiplied by their set price per unit.

The potential savings will of course be different for every household, but I’ve done an example below based on my own electricity bill, postcode and a 4kw Solar System.

Example of Solar Saving 2022

Standing ChargeCost Per kwhUsage Annual BillSize of SystemAnnual Saving
  £0.20                   £0.28             3427kwh £1032.56  4kw  £919.52

Figures generated using Energy Saving Trust Calculator

We understand that this step might not be for everyone but we strongly believe knowledge should be free so there is zero risk and zero cost involved in finding out, if you have a question or would like a consultation where we can do this for you just ask.

STEP 3. Make Your Home a Money Saving Smart Home

Modern Smart Home Features can seriously help you monitor and control your energy usage. This is the next logical step from Step 1 on our list. From smart meters to smart plugs and everything in between there are huge opportunities for saving money in every corner of your home for this reason is its got a place in our list of Top 5 Ways to Save Money & Make your Home More Energy Efficient in 2022.

What is in a Smart Home?

Typically, a smart home will have automated or wirelessly controlled features such as plugs, sockets, or lighting. Many smart home systems will also provide additional safety and security such as video doorbells, automated cameras, or smart alarm systems.

Many of these features can now be controlled and monitored via smart phone applications or from a home assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Nest.

How can a smart home save you money?

Heating Costs, most electronic home assistants or smart phones can easily link in with smart heating controls or thermostats meaning that no matter where you are, you can turn down or completely switch off heating when not required.

This is handy for us in Scotland as we use the heating for almost 3 months of the year and at some point I’m sure we’ve all went to work on and left the heating, a light or in my girlfriends case her hair straighteners on.

On a serious note having more control over your heating where ever you are means you have more control over your heating bills and is another small step to take to prevent any unnecessary spending.

save money with smart home tech

Step 4. How Quality Insulation and a Reliable Roof can Save You Money

This step is so easy anyone with a pair of eyes and a loft ladder can do it. I’ve even written a separate article on what to look for in your loft when it comes to inspecting the health of your roof. You can find that if you click here.

According to energy saving trust, a whole 25% of heat in your home is lost through your roof. A poorly Insulated loft space will cost you money every time you put the heating on.

Combine that with an ageing roof and you’re just throwing away money. A quality new roof should last for 50 years and might be something you only need to do once in your life.

Likewise with Insulation, good insulation should last for over 40 years so for a small upfront investment you can save money for decades to come and that’s why it was requested to be on the list of Top 5 Ways to Save Money & Make your Home More Energy Efficient in 2022 Laying Insulation is something that most people can do for themselves without the help of a tradesperson.

However, when it comes to roofing I would save it to the professionals. This is something we can do but if we are too busy to take on any more work, we do have an article listing some of the best roofers in Glasgow that we would recommend Just click here.

top ways to save money on your energy bills

Step 5. Save money with Low Cost Infrared Heating Panels

Again, this is something we have covered in a previous article which is worth checking out if you have 5 minutes spare and are really serious about saving money.

What are Infrared Heating Panels?

They are a modern low cost heating source usually made from sleek ceramic or glass panels that can heat the area in their line of sight with Infrared rays similar in a way to our natural heat source, the sun.

Have a look at this article to learn more.

Infrared Heating panels work purely from electric no gas or oil, if you pair this up with a solar panel system not only are you generating your own electricity, but you are also suppling the electricity you need to heat your home. Saving you from any traditional gas bills or the expenses that come with buying and maintaining a boiler.

They require zero maintenance and based on product testing can long outlive many gas boilers.

They cost a fraction of the price to run and don’t need to be left on for as long as traditional heating systems. As they heat the objects in the path of the panel those objects absorb some of that heat and radiate it around the room instead of only heating the air like your typical radiators.

So, they aren’t as affected by draughts, open doors or normal gradual heat loss.

The saving compared to normal heating systems can be massive and is worth investigating for yourself. .

save money and make your home energy efficient with low cost heating


That concludes our list of Top 5 Ways to Save Money & Make your Home More Energy Efficient in 2022.

We hope that you can take some of these points and implement them to save as much money as you can, times are tight and anything we can do to help you prevent unnecessary spending is a huge bonus.

As usual we hope you have found our article helpful and informative when researching your specific home improvement project.

If you would like us to answer a question or write an article on a topic you’d like to know more about, hit the contact us button below and send us a message.

Or simply follow us on social media and find us there. Thanks for reading!

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