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What are the best roofing material for homes in Scotland?

This is a common but incredibly important question that we always cover during our roofing surveys.

After all anyone having to fix, replace or refurbish their roof want it to last and perform well under all the everchanging types of weather conditions we experience here in Scotland, that goes without saying.

Just like many industries there are budget roofing products, mid-range roofing products and top of the range roofing products.

In this article we will only talk about the best roofing products (in our opinion) that all Scottish homeowners or roofing contractors should be using.

So, if you see it on this list you know it comes highly recommended from our expert team of roofers. However, it’s important to know there are other good roofing materials and products out there too, just because it hasn’t made our “best list” doesn’t make it bad!

But we’ve all heard the phrase “buy cheap, buy twice”

So, we’ll start with the most obvious roof material on our list of best roofing material for homes in scotland and the only part you can see from outside…. Roof Tiles.

best roof tiles

Best Roofing Tiles

This for us is an easy choice, The best roof tiles made in the UK are without a doubt Marley Eternit Roof Tiles. They are the experts when it comes to pitched roofing.

Marley are one of the only roofing material manufacturers that have developed and produced every single component of their roof system by themselves.

They are a complete one stop shop for all things regarding roofing. However, it’s the tiles that we rate very highly.

Marley roof tiles are expected to last 60 Years and come with a 15 Year manufacturer guarantee for peace of mind. They even have dozens of different style and colour combinations to choose from to suit any property, traditional or modern.

Marley also boast an “Excellent” Rating on Trustpilot proving themselves as an industry leader.

Most of their range is easily purchased from many of your well-known local and national building merchants.

And just like we said earlier fixing or replacing your roof is not something you want to have to do often and when it’s done you want it to last, ideally it’s something you want to avoid possible but if it’s necessary, save yourself the future hassle and use the best materials available.  

Using tiles that are easily accessible from most merchants, from a reputable British Company, with a life expectancy of 60 years is a great place to start in our opinion.

And bring us on to the next important piece in the roofing material jigsaw, Tile Battens.

best tile battens

What are Tile Battens?

Tile Battens are wooden strips that are placed on the roof to create a grid like pattern, the tiles are then fixed to these wooden strips while interlocking and overlapping to create a sturdy roof surface.

Best Tile Battens for Roofing in Scotland

Now you know what tile battens are, you can see the importance of making sure you or your contractor are using only the best quality battens available.

The last thing you want is to use poor quality untreated timber only to find that the wood starts to rot, tiles begin to slip and move at the first sign of bad weather or heavy wind.

You should always use materials that comply with the Building Standard code for pitched roofing BS 5534

The solution… John Brash (JB) Red Battens

These are now being produced by Marley Eternit and have been renamed JB Red Battens after Marley Eternit acquired John Brash Roofing Products back in 2016.

However, don’t let that put you off as we have already shown Marley take great care and pride when it comes to their product quality. In fact it’s the only factory graded roofing batten in the UK with a BBA Certification.

The battens are pretreated with a preservative that ensures wood rot, fungi or insects have great difficulty effecting the durability of the timber contributing to a desired life expectancy of 60 years!

The timber is high grade and kiln dried meaning its incredibly strong and durable. Exactly the words you want to hear when talking about the main thing that protects your beautiful home from the elements.

For the reasons above when it comes to selecting battens for our roofing projects you will always find JB Battens on our material list.

The next product on our list of Best Roofing Material for Homes in Scotland is roofing membrane or sometimes referred to as roofing felt, however felt is very rarely used these days if not never.

What is Roofing Membrane?

Roofing Membrane or underlay is a layer of sheeting that covers the surface of the roof. It lies on top of the boards (underneath the tiles and battens) and provides an extra protective weatherproof barrier. Recommended membrane should be breathable to allow for ventilation.

Best Roofing Membrane for Scottish Weather

In this category we have opted to go for the product with the best value for money and that is Rhinovent Ultra Breathable Membrane.

Rhinovent Breathable Membrane is BBA certified just like some Marley products.

Its medium weighted, flexible and easy to work with which our roofers love yet its extremely durable and can handle everything that is required in terms of roof load.

Its also around £50 cheaper for a roll then the closest alternative.

What’s more it shouldn’t require additional tile vents or extra ventilation if applied correctly, however sometimes dependent on a number of factors like loft insulation, air flow & ventilation inside the loft can play a big part too.

To conclude, Rhinovent Membrane is cost effective, durable, breathable and comes with 5 star reviews on popular merchants websites like Toolstation. If its recommended by roofers it’s definitely good enough for homeowners.

These are the 3 main components involved in any job and anyone researching or getting quotes from roofers or roofing companies should definitely be asking questions about the quality of the products being used.

To replace a roof is not cheap, especially in today’s market so it’s incredibly important that you, the homeowner have as much unbiased information as possible to help you choose the right products and the right people for the job.

Our Advice: If its sounds too cheap and too good to be true it normally is.

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